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ALS Ice Bucket Challenge (Associated Press)



At the First Game of the 2015 NFL Season


CNN (for Remy Martin Campaign) (October 2015)


First We Feast (November 2021)



 Five Questions with Jeremy Renner (USAToday)


Gallo Center



Reaction to Colorado Theater Shooting



Super Bowl LI Pre-Party (Extra)




Combination Ingenious/Hurt Locker Interview (RealTVFilms.com)



Combination Mission Impossible 5/Bourne Franchise/Age of Ultron Interview (MTV.com)


Combination Avengers/Tag/Miscellaneous Interview (RedCarpetRoxy)

The Rich Eisen Show (Combination Films/Sports)


On Building Houses



On Communicating with Death Row Inmates



On His First Oscar Nomination




On His SAG Nomination



On Hosting SNL



On Taking his Mom to the Oscars



On His Favorite Movies


 On His Favorite Scene from a Movie


On How he Got Into Acting




On Instagram and Being a Dad



On the Indy 500



On Music, His Relationship with His "Avengers" Castmates, and His Approach to Roles (Movieplayer.it)



On Narcolepsy and Candy



On His Familiarity with Indonesian Music


On Rumors Regarding Bourne 5 (Associated Press)



On The Future of Robots and Technology (Daily Mail)



On "Batman v. Superman" (Yahoo UK)



On Pygmy Goats (MuvimoTV)


On His Resting Face (Entertainment Tonight)


On his daughter Ava (Entertainment Tonight)


 On the Possibility of Hawkeye Wearing a Mask (Wizard World Comic Con)



On an Avengers/Guardians of the Galaxy Crossover Film (Wizard World Comic Con)



On the "Renner Stretch" (badtaste.it)

On Producing "The Founder" (with Don Handfield)



 On Raising Girls vs. Raising Boys (Associated Press)


On the MCU and His New Music (Extra)


On Reno


On What He Ate to Prepare for "Hawkeye" (Men's Health)